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The Instructors are highly skilled and experienced, and the staff is unmatched in breadth and depth of experience.

RICH JACOBS, 7th Degree Black Belt (Kyoshi), is the Founder and Director of KIDS' KARATE. He has instructed or co-instructed nearly every one of the thousands of classes since its inception in Newton in 1982 and in Roxbury in 1988.

HOWARD SOONES, 8th Degree Black Belt (Hanshi), one of Rich's Instructors from the beginning, joined the program in 1985, guaranteeing its far-reaching success. He is one of the senior Uechi Ryu Instructors in North America and was one of the region's leading tournament competitors in the 1970's and 80's.

LARRY FALLON, 7th Degree Black Belt (Kyoshi), co-Founder with Rich of the Roxbury Branch of KIDS' KARATE in 1988, joined the program in 1987. A fellow Uechi practitioner of 40 years, his spirit and knowledge are driving forces in each class.

The Senior Instructors are ably assisted by the considerable and home-grown talents of Instructors RANDALL YEE and AMANDA SMITH, 5th Degree (Godan), and JAMES CUCCHI, MELISSA CUCCHI, and WILLIAM SOLOMON, 3rd Degree (Sandan).

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