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KIDS' KARATE is the premier youth Karate program. It is non-profit, affordable, multi-cultural and multi-racial. It has served over 7,300 children, in Newton since 1982 and in Roxbury since 1988. It has had strong and continuous growth for 37 years, built by highly skilled, long-serving, and dedicated Instructors, persevering senior students, and caring parents who recognize our program's many rich and deep values and long-lasting benefits.

A deeply entrenched atmosphere of courtesy, civility, sportsmanship, and mutual respect has been fostered and developed in a dojo (Karate setting) where positive energy abounds. Black Belts are being achieved annually. From a small acorn 37 years ago, KIDS' KARATE is now a mighty oak, growing onward and upward, every year and each hour.

KIDS' KARATE is more than a sport, more than a discipline, and its benefits extend far beyond the learning of important self-defense skills. KIDS' KARATE is a unique and invaluable process of mental, physical, psychological and social development.

Early on, parents observe and speak of the self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-discipline their children feel and build as a direct result of participating in the KIDS' KARATE program, with its attainable goals at every level. Children learn to channel their energies constructively. From the beginning, students learn to practice safely together in an environment of courtesy and mutual respect.

In ethnically diverse classes, girls and boys develop strength of character, a healthy sense of achievement, and a positive value system which serve as protections against negative activities, negative influences, and negative peers. They develop not only in but also through Karate. They become more engaged young adults with brighter futures.

The kids have fun as they develop and enjoy being part of something special.

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